30 juin 2011

DMBLGIT : and the winners are …


Before I reveal the winners of this edition of DMBLGIT, I would like to give some thanks  :
Thanks to Andrew from Spitoon extra to give me the chance to be the host of this event, I loved it! Everyday I look forward to discover the new photos! And thank you to manage this event every month.
Thanks to Shari to make the badges given to the winners.
And of course, thanks to my favourites judges, who were very available and efficient! 🙂 So, thanks to Brigitte, Lionel, Pauline, Létitia et Emilie!

And now, drum roll for the winners on the june 2011 edition of DMBLGIT :

Overall winners
(higher scores in all three categories combined)

Overall first place : Burger-Style Macarons by Sabine from Berry Lovely
For me this photo combine perfectly the three categories , edibility, originality and aesthetic.

Overall second place : Radish cakes by Lisa H. from From my lemony kitchen
This photo makes me so hungry, I’ll try this recipe very soon! 🙂

Overall third place : Chocolate steamed brownies by Tika Hapsari Nilmada from Cempang Cemplung
Looking at this photo, I’m dreaming being on this place, eating this brownie!

Categories winners
(higher score in each categories, excluding the three overall winners)

Edibility winner : Panna cotta comme là-bas by verO from Delimoon
I want to dip my spoon in this glass! 😉

Aesthetic winner : Lychees punch par Asri de Food and story
Not easy to make a good photo with a coktail, but finger in the nose Asri. Colors are beautiful.

Originality : Soupe d’oignons nouveaux comme un nuage by Laurent from A chicken in the kitchen
This photo illustrate perfectly this category!

Host’s award
And to end, as an host I can chose a photo who win too and I choose :
Cucurtuxos by Mglòria from Gourmenderies
I immediately loved this photo, I love the pastel colors and his poetic and romantic side.

This edition is ending, but you can submit a photo again this month, at Cemplang cemplung‘s place!

30 juin 2011
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10 commentaires

10 commentaires

  1. Congrats to the winners!



  2. Oh! My God!!!
    I can’t belive!!!
    Congratulations to all winers, and Charline: thank you very much for your words about my photo.
    I am so happy!!!

  3. Thank you so much! I am stunned to have won this month DMBLGIT. Congratulations to all my fellow winners, and thanks to Charline for hosting.
    Sabine @ berrylovely

  4. Congratulations to all winners.
    Thank you Charline n judges.
    I am over t moon …

  5. Thanks Charline for hosting the event and many thanks to all judges. I’m honoured.
    Don’t forget this month edition will be hosted by me. Watch out for the announcement !

  6. Thanks for your comments! I really love being the host this month!

  7. Congrats to all winners and well done Charline!

  8. Félicitations aux gagnants, merci à toi pour l’organisation & pour m’avoir donné l’opportunité d’être jury

  9. Lidia > Thanks

    Loukoum > et merci à toi d’avoir acceptée d’être jury

  10. Jill Colonna

    Fantastic photos, all of them and bravo to the winners. Great site, just discovered through Sabine’s amazing burger macarons. So much fun!

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